Rishi's Weekly AI Website Workshop

You can Learn how to create a website by watching the Videos below for FREE.

Date: 2 Dec 2023 (Saturday)
Time: 11:00 AM
Duration: 60 minutes

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New Students: Rs. 499
Old Students: Rs. 99
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Rishi Gangoly | 7519531953 | rishigangoly@gmail.com

Learn to Create your Website using AI tools for FREE

Using ChatGPT

Leverage ChatGPT for efficient website development. Create intuitive structures, personalized content, and SEO-friendly copy effortlessly.

Enhance user experience and engagement while maintaining brand identity. Remember, human oversight ensures a polished final product. Streamline your process with AI-powered assistance.

Using Divi

Leverage Divi's pre-designed layouts for effortless website creation. With intuitive customization options, crafting a stunning and functional site is simple.

Streamline your design process and achieve professional results seamlessly using Divi's user-friendly interface.

Using Canva

Utilize Canva for sourcing high-quality, high-resolution images.

Enhance your website visuals by cropping images effectively through Canva's user-friendly interface.

Elevate your online presence with professional imagery effortlessly.

Mobirise Website Builder
Requirements to create a website

Computer Laptop or Desktop
Windows or Mac
Mouse preferred for better control

Internet Connection

Language: English

Note: You cannot create a website on a Smart Phone or iPad

Get Divi for FREE

Why pay $249 when you can get it for FREE from us.

Host your website and get Divi for FREE.

We provide all tech support for Divi as well as your Hosting plan

Why should you Attend this Workshop

Divi VS Wix

Listen to one of the participants who attended the workshop, why he feels attending this workshop is better than going on YouTube and learning how to make a website. 

Step by Step Instructions 

After you attend the workshop, you can look the following videos which are short and easy to follow.

They are step-by-step instructions on how to do specific tasks using the Divi Builder software

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Prashin Jagger

The Value of Photography

A lot of the time people wonder why a particular website looks good. They think it's because of the theme or template. The truth is it's because of the photos. Watch this video to get a deeper understanding of the value of photography and how it plays the key role to keep visitors engaged on your website.

Prashin is a professional photographer and to learn more about this work check out his website. www.prashinjagger.com and reach out to him.

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